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DECKED OUT - 16Oz w/Shine Supply Mixer Bottle

Decked Out – 16 Οz (474ml) w/Shine Supply Mixer Bottle

CREATE THE LOOK YOU WANT.(New formula to replace Hyper Shine) Give your ride that finished look. Whether you prefer a high gloss or satin finish, Decked Out is a concentrated dressing aimed at giving your tires and fender wells the look of perfection. By using regularly, you will protect your...

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Leather & Interior Cleaner – 16 Oz (474ml)

CLEAN YOUR LEATHER WITHOUT DRYING IT OUT. Clean your leather the right way! Leather Cleaner is a ready to use, pH- balanced cleaner that will safely remove dirt and grime from even the most delicate leather. This unique, non-toxic formula will leave your leather fully prepped and ready to be...

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Shine Bootle

Shine Bootle – 32 Oz (948ml)

32oz (948ml) Shine Supply screen printed bottle with chemical resistant sprayer. Dilution ratio tabs and ounce measurement tabs displayed on the bottle for accurate product mixing. These bottles have a thick sidewall and are extremely durable....

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This medium grade clay will leave your finish smooth and silky. Shine Supply’s Medium Grade Clay Bar is a soft, yet durable clay for picking up the finer particles on your finish and restore your paints smoothness. This soft clay will fit in the smaller, hard to reach areas and...

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