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    Shine Bootle

    Shine Bootle – 32 Oz (948ml)

    32oz (948ml) Shine Supply screen printed bottle with chemical resistant sprayer. Dilution ratio tabs and ounce measurement tabs displayed on the bottle for accurate product mixing. These bottles have a thick sidewall and are extremely durable....

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    Solution - 32 Oz (948ml)

    Solution – 32 Oz (948ml)

    SIMPLIFY YOUR CLEANING. Solution is an advanced multi-purpose cleanser that will clean anything it touches. Its pH balanced formula delivers safe and effective results on nearly any surface. Solution can do this because it works by emulsification. This means that instead of “burning” off grime, which is ineffective and unsafe,...

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Throw Back – Gallon (3784ml)

CLEAN YOUR PAINT BEFORE ADDING PROTECTION.    Throw Back is specifically designed to completely remove polishing oils and fillers for accurate paint examination and surface preparation prior to adding your final layer of protection. Before applying any type of sealant or coating, a contaminant free surface is crucial to ensure...

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All in one Original Formula – 16 Oz (474ml)

All in One "original formula" is made with a unique blend of mild cleaners, polymers and carnauba wax to restore clarity and gloss to any painted surface. This formula may be used as a one-step product or a second step to All in One "microfiber edition"....

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Shine Supply Sticker – The original

Get your new sticker today! This design is vintage and classy. Rep the shine!!!...

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Bug Off – 32oz (948ml)

After a long day of driving on the highway, your front bumper, windshield, and side mirrors are probably COVERED with insects and bug guts. If you leave those bug guts on your paint long enough, they will actually ETCH into your paint! Resulting in a lot of work to get...

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