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    Heavy Cut - 32 Oz (948ml)

    Heavy Cut – 32 Oz (948ml)

    SHRED THROUGH OXIDATION. If you've ever worked on a boat or motorhome with gel-coat or fiberglass material, you know that is some serious difficult paint to work with. In a situation like that, you want to use the fastest and most efficient way to get the job done. Heavy Cut...

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    Wake Up - 16 Oz (474ml)

    Wake Up – 16 Oz (474ml)

    REMOVE LIGHT DEFECTS AND PROTECT IN ONE STEP.    The hot summer sun is brutal and quickly breaks down traditional waxes. Our ceramic cleaner wax is loaded with unique ingredients that won’t break down under the sun’s UV rays. We’ve also included a light cleaning agent that helps clear up stubborn...

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Super spot – 16 Oz W/ Spray Bottle

DID THAT JUST HAPPEN?   Super Spot is an enzyme based carpet & upholstery cleaner designed for those moments when something spills or maybe even worse. Breaks down protein and organic based stains such as grease, oils, urine, blood, food spills and vomit. Non-sudsing formula leaves your carpet residue free Dilutes 4:1...

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Burn Out - 16 Oz (474ml)

Burn Out – 16 Oz (474ml)

NO ONE HAS TIME TO BURN. With over 20 years in the mobile detailing industry, we understand the needs of mobile detailers.  You fight the elements, price battles and time restraints while still trying to deliver quality results.  You need a product that provides true correction, works in the sun and provides...

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Micro-Clean – 32 Oz (948ml)

DON’T JUST WASH YOUR TOWELS. GET THEM CLEAN.   Extend the life of your costly micro fiber towels by cleaning them with Micro Clean. This unique formula breaks down dirty grime, polish and wax from your towels leaving them fresh and plush after each wash. Designed with specialty cleaners specifically for cleaning micro...

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Punch-It 474ml

Punch-It 16oz (474ml)

KO...EVERYTHING.What is synergy?Synergy = the interaction of two or more substances to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects. What makes Punch-It different from a detail spray?We’ve taken unique synthetic materials and blended them with silica to make the ultimate detail spray. Punch-it adds protection...

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