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TRIM SHIELD 8 Oz (237ml)

Trim Shield is a revolutionary coating that will take conditioning your trim to a whole new level. It's designed to penetrate deep into your trim and condition it from within while leaving a satin, non greasy finish on the surface. Once treated, your trim will retain its new appearance for...

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Wet Detailer – 16 Oz (474ml)

The quick and easy process of Wet Detailer: 1) Wash vehicle 2) Rinse with water 3) Spray Wet Detailer on paint surface or drying towel 4) Dry the car 5) Done. Your vehicles paint is now PROTECTED. Adds amazing gloss and it dries transparent. Safe for all exterior surfaces. WORKS...

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Properly Shine T-Shirt

LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL.  We believe America is the greatest country in the world with opportunities unlike any other if you are willing to put in the work. Opportunity awaits those that are willing to work hard and pursue their passions. Whatever you do in life – make sure...

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Leather Conditioner 16 Oz (474ml)

FEED YOUR LEATHER. Replenish your leather with a product that will actually soften the leather without adding an unpleasant shine or change the "factory" look. Our Leather Conditioner is fortified with lanolin and bees wax which are the absolute best ingredients used to protect and extend the life of your...

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